Stable Cable gives you a sense of balance and safety while you're boarding or exiting a boat.
The idea came about one day while I was boarding a friend's boat. I felt a little unstable and realized I could use a hand. I do have a mild case of vertigo, which is a simple imbalance of the inner ear that arises occasionally. It can give me the creeps when I’m on a roof, but it is just a minor nuisance around a boat dock.

So, it occurred to me that there ought to be something that would help me feel more stable while boarding a boat. After a few iterations I came up with the final version and have applied for a patent, hoping that it can help boaters across the country.

Initial feedback from my beta testers has been outstanding. People realize that they often have their hands full of gear when they’re boarding or exiting a boat. They also shared that they’re often wearing flip-flops on a slippery surface and a simple “guide rope” can help prevent injury in the case of a fall. I’ve also heard from people that they entertain their parents on the lake and that Stable Cable eases their concerns about dad taking a tumble near the boat.

It is very gratifying to make something that helps people stay safe and that solves a real-life problem. To conceive of the idea and then make the product from scratch is rewarding in many ways. We hope you enjoy your Stable Cable and that you spread the word so your neighbors and lake friends can be safe around the dock too. Thank you and let’s stay safe out there.

March 02, 2022 — Tom Baker