I heard a story about America's largest retailer recently that reminded me of how much Quality Matters.
An inventor went to pitch his product to the buyers at America's largest retailer and was told that if he cut his production costs in half, they would carry his product. He ultimately declined because his brand and reputation would be ruined or severely damaged if he used the cheapest materials available. 
This reminded me about a box fan I bought at that retailer about 2 years ago. I purchased an inexpensive fan for my garage and it worked well for about 5 months and then it died. I replaced it with a name brand from Home Depot and it's been running smoothly. Essentially I bought 1.5 fans for my garage.

The same principal of Quality applies to how we make all of our Pier Gear products. We use some of the finest marine rope and marine canvas on the market. We want your purchases to last for several seasons and we want you to come back when the time is tight (but not 5 months later).

Richard Warren Sears (Sears & Roebuck) once said "Quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten".

So, when you're buying marine accessories, consider the long term costs of buying cheap knockoffs. Remember, quality matters, and I might add, so do manners. 

April 08, 2022 — Tom Baker