Tom Baker - Founder of Pier Gear


-- Tom Baker

PIER GEAR, Owner/Founder

 After working for decades in the corporate sales world, there was something missing. I gradually realized that I wanted to “make something” again, like I did during my previous life as a television producer. I reflected on the “what” to make and was reminded of my love for the outdoors, and particularly my love of fresh-water lakes and the recreation and serenity they provide. While on my search, I found myself one day relaxing with a group of friends on the dock after a wonderful day on the lake. The inspiration for PIER GEAR came from our conversation. We talked about the commonality of the docks on the lake. They all looked the same, ordinary. My friends told stories of how visitors can never identify the correct dock when bringing the boat or jet ski back in from a ride. Or, how sometimes they even start to pull in to the wrong dock after a long day out on the lake. Taking in all the funny stories and memories it became clear to me that a need was not being met!  

 PIER GEAR solves the problem of dock identification in a fun and useful way! People can decorate and customize their dock with color. They can show their favorite team’s colors and in turn the colors can direct their visiting friends to the correct dock from across the lake. Pretty simple, pretty cool, huh?

 Making a product excited me and the chance to make something that ties so closely to my love of the outdoors was icing on the cake! While I love the idea of PIER GEAR providing boat owners a way to decorate their dock and stand out in the lake community, I also want PIER GEAR to support the lakes and the environment that bring us so much joy.

 I welcome your feedback and your input to our company. Please let us know what you think of PIER GEAR by sending us a note through our Contact page. Thank you for your support and I hope you thoroughly enjoy your PIER GEAR products.



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We live by the Golden Rule and are guided by solid moral compasses.

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Your purchase helps us support foundations that protect fresh-water lakes and habitats around the country.

These associations provide vital services that include:

  • Preventing invasive species
  • Preserving and protecting adjacent wetlands
  • Participating in the control of lake developments to prevent environmental threats
  • Promoting sustainable urban and agricultural development
  • Helping protect the delicate ecological balance of the lakes and watershed
  • Promoting safety and conservation to ensure the longevity of our lakes


Purchasing PIER GEAR products will help us support more regional associations across the country. Thank you for supporting us and supporting fresh-water lakes.


We are proud members of the following conservation organizations:

 Lake of the Ozark Watershed Association          Okabojji Protective Association