Tom Baker - Founder of Pier Gear

Tom Baker, Owner

We help you protect your boat and your passengers. We offer safety, protective, and decorative boat dock accessories for your boat dock. We help you enjoy and celebrate your waterfront.

Our products are handmade and assembled in NE & WI.  

Our Padded Wrap helps you protect your boat and lift from dings and dents.

STABLE CABLE is a patented safety accessory that helps assist your family and your guests with some added stability while they are boarding or exiting your boat.

About You

You love being on the lake and you want to make the most of your time on the waterfront.
You have a boat and maybe a place on the waterfront.

You celebrate the lake lifestyle, and maybe you want to put your own mark on your little spot of paradise.

You welcome your family and friends to the water, and you want to keep everyone safe, and you also want to preserve and protect your rather expensive gear.

We’re here to help you make the most of these ambitions. Let’s get together. 


Conservation is at the heart of who we are and what we try to do.

We are members of several lake preservation associations, and we support other like-minded groups with our time or our financial support when we can.

We encourage you to get involved with your local lake conservation association with your financial support or your time. These amazing groups provide vital services that include:

  • Preventing invasive species
  • Preserving and protecting adjacent wetlands
  • Participating in the control of lake developments to prevent environmental threats
  • Promoting sustainable urban and agricultural development
  • Helping protect the delicate ecological balance of the lakes and watershed
  • Promoting safety and conservation to ensure the longevity of our lakes

We encourage you to get your family involved with your local conservation association. You’ll find it to be a rewarding and enlightening experience. It will also reinforce your respect for the natural wonders we are blessed to enjoy.

Our Core Values 

Our founder is an Eagle Scout, and he quizzes us on these bullet points every day. Not really, but these are the three simple values that drive our ambitions and decisions.

  • We’re Bold and Courageous:
    We take action and move forward. Inaction is the enemy of innovation.
  • We Do the Right Thing:
    We live by the Golden Rule and are guided by solid moral compasses.
  • We Make a Difference:
    Use our resources to improve our world. 

We are proud members of the following conservation organizations:

 Lake of the Ozark Watershed Association          Okabojji Protective Association          


Purchasing Pier Gear products will help us support more regional associations across the country. Thank you for supporting us and supporting fresh-water lakes.