Pier Gear products can help you have the coolest dock on the block, and they can help your friends find your dock with your distinctive colors. Pier Gear can help you decorate your waterfront on holidays or show your team spirit on game days. 

We also understand that Pier Gear is not for everyone. One consumer came by our booth at a recent boat show and was not impressed. He said he didn’t want to “deface” his expensive dock with “yard art”. We welcomed that feedback and took the time to try to understand his perspective. As a result, we upped our dedication to quality materials and craftsmanship so that Pier Gear products will last many seasons with proper care.

Pier Gear helps you distinguish your dock and lets you decorate your waterfront when the time is right. We welcome your feedback on any of our products and will appreciate any suggestions you may have on how we can improve our products. 

Thank you very much.

October 06, 2021 — Tom Baker