Stay safe with these boating guidelines from the US Coast Guard.

You Are in Command

On average, two boaters are killed every day on America’s waterways – more than 700 per year. Thousands of others are injured. Too often these accidents happen when otherwise responsible, conscientious people make the serious mistake of assuming that their experience or equipment is enough to keep them and their passengers safe. Read on to learn more!!
Tom Baker
The DOs and DON'Ts of the lake lifestyle.


Some simple recommendations on how to conduct yourself now that you have the Coolest Dock on the Block. We like to have fun on the water, and this is mostly tongue in cheek, but “manners matter”. We hope you have fun with this, take some of this to heart, and learn a little about our culture as you explore this list.
Tom Baker
Support your local lake conservation association.

Love Your Lake

We are avid supporters of conservation efforts reaching from woodlands to preserving habitat and, yes, preserving fresh-water lakes. Each of these habitats contribute to the health and longevity of the waters we love so much. Preserving the health of our waters leads to healthier and more plentiful fish species, increased biodiversity around our waters, improved hunting opportunities, and healthier recreation in and around our fresh water lakes. 
Tom Baker