We are avid supporters of conservation efforts reaching from woodlands to preserving habitat and, yes, preserving fresh-water lakes. Each of these habitats contribute to the health and longevity of the waters we love so much. Preserving the health of our waters leads to healthier and more plentiful fish species, increased biodiversity around our waters, improved hunting opportunities, and healthier recreation in and around our fresh water lakes. 

We encourage anyone and everyone to take just 10 minutes to research which organizations and associations would welcome your help in preserving the waters in your part of the country. Your children will thank you, you’ll set a good example for them, and you’ll feel good by doing your small part to preserve our water resources.

Here is a brief list of several top National Water Conservation Associations.

  • American Water Works Association
  • Waterkeeper Alliance
  • Clean Water Action
  • WaterAid
  • World Water Council
  • The Nature Conservancy
  • Water.org
  • Stockholm National Water Institute

One of the best ways to find your local group is to ask your marina, your boat dealer, your bait shop, your bartender, or even your neighbor. Once you pose the question, you’ve started an effort to help bring others into the effort of saving our lakes. Let’s all give our own lakes some love so they’re happy, healthy, and flourishing for many generations.

March 18, 2021 — Tom Baker